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Good day! For sale raspberry plants and! I will bring plants to your home or field without any fee(delivery is free). We sell raspberry bare root plants Polka, Polana, Glen Ample, Laszka, Golden Queen. For delivery you will get freshly prepared bare root plants. We also are looking for partners for raspberries and strawberries sale in Sweden. We can deliver raspberries and strawberries 150km around Stockholm with our truck(with a cooling system). We have strawberries since 17th of May until late July and raspberries we have since late June till late October. We pack strawberries in 500g packages without a lid. We pack raspberries in 250 g packages. We also have domestic blueberries in our field.
1. Polka - autumn variety. The unit price is 11 kr.
2. Polana - autumn variety The unit price is 12 kr.
3. Glen Ample-summer variety. The unit price is 13 kr.
4. Laszka-summer variety, Massive berries. Unit price is 14 kr.
5. Golden Queen -summer variety, GOLDEN BERRIES. Unit price 25 kr.

We represent a family berry farm which is offering these plants and berries Orders are accepted via personal message. You can email me viktorasm7@gmail.com .We can talk in English. Also, I have constant business affairs between Sunne and Stockholm so we can definately meet and we will arrange the handing your order to you . Order will be accepted until April 20 for plants and we are waiting for cooperation suggestions for berries. NO PAYMENT IN ADVANCE FOR PLANTS

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Pris: 11 kr För hela perioden

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